Essential Life Insurance

With Solvers Essential Life Insurance you may be eligible for up to $200,000 cover with no medicals or health questions. 
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Solvers Essential Life Cover is insurance that pays a lump sum benefit of up to $200,000 which is designed to provide financial assistance to your family in the event of your death or diagnosis of a terminal illness.

You can apply for Solvers Essential Life Cover easily with no medicals or health questions and provided you are an Australian Resident aged 18 – 65, your application will be automatically accepted.

As you are not required to undertake any medicals or answer any health questions when you apply, any pre-existing medical conditions that were evident in the past 5 years and that give rise to an insured event will not be covered. This is known as a ‘PEC’ exclusion. You can, however, apply to have the PEC exclusion removed after you have taken out the cover. Refer to page 13 of the Product Disclosure Statement for more information about the PEC and other standard exclusions that apply to this cover.

Solvers Essential Life Cover also comes with a very special offer – YOUR FIRST MONTH OF COVER IS ABSOLUTELY FREE! This means you can start your protection today and then use this time to consider whether the cover is right for you. Regardless of whether you choose to continue the cover, the first month will not cost you anything.


  Lump sum payment for death or terminal illness*

  Gaurenteed acceptance for Australian residents aged 18 – 65

 Flexible payment options

  Cover up to two adult family members under the one policy

Why might you need Life Insurance?

When it comes to deciding if you need life insurance, it’s good to think about how you and your family would cope with expenses such as mortgage repayments, household running costs and medical bills if something was to happen to you. Choosing the cover that is right for both you and your family’s needs can provide a real lifeline should you suffer a critical or serious illness or injury.

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